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A Bad Teaching Environment

I’m sitting in Sunday School and I’m thinking about teaching.

This may be the most distracting environment I’ve ever learned in.

  • A man across the room snores loudly, occasionally loudly enough to wake himself up, only to doze back off into another bout of noise
  • The party planning committee is setting up the food table at the far end of the room for the post-service luncheon. They unwrap seran and move about the room, whispering
  • A twelve foot fake Christmas tree with impersonal ornaments blocks my view of the teacher
  • The wood roof, the brick walls, the construction-grade “carpet” all make this gym less a gym and more an echo chamber
  • The heating unit at the room’s rear clicks and clicks like lame rain, inconsistently consistent, a drill against enamel
  • The maypole gossamer drapes from the fake tree to the room’s corners at just the wrong angle to block the PowerPoint screen

As a note to self, the learning environment is just as important as the teacher’s skill. Never, ever allow something like this. When you, Ross, are making room decisions as the mostly-irrelevant associate pastor in a church in 2028, keep this in mind, lest you become a truly-irrelevant associate pastor.

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