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NSP meets the Packers

This week a team of seven NSP staff and mentors head north to Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are staying in the area as we coach and mentor local high school students in how to effectively reach their schools with the Gospel message.

We will be working alongside NSP mentors from Green Bay whose year-round efforts have made this city into fertile soil for the Gospel to be shared.

Students at four high schools in the city and suburbs (De Pere, Bayport, N.E.W., and Southwest) will hear the good news of Christ throughout the next week, due to the student leadership of Christians at those high schools.


The National School Project equips college students and young adults to mentor the leaders of a Christian club over the span of a year. These Campus Mentors develop close relationships with the students, pray for them, and invest in their lives. They also take students through a training curriculum using our Outreach Guide that is customized for each school depending on their needs and goals.

NSP never takes over clubs or forces clubs to do anything. We will not lead the mission for them. Students are put in the spotlight and take charge of reaching their school.

Students develop their own goals for their school. Students select their own strategies. Students run their own club meetings. Students organize their own events. Students request and coordinate their own guest speakers.

Read more about the National School Project at our website here.

For this week, our team will be assisting the local high school students in organizing and preparing for an outreach event at each of their respective schools, alongside their coaches and mentors.

Please pray for us, because our ministry efforts are entirely fruitless without God doing the real work in students’ hearts. As Jesus said in John 15:5, apart from me you can do nothing. We take this seriously and understand that the real power of outreach is God working through us.

Pray that students in De Pere, Bayport, Southwest, and N.E.W. high schools are given the opportunity to receive the good news of Christ, and that school administrators will acede to the students’ plans.

Pray for the health of our team, as some members are facing mild sickness, potential allergy concerns, and anything else that could happen.

Pray for the high school Christian leaders to grow in their faith and to be bold in front of their peers.

Finally, pray that God, through the efforts of these Christian high school students, would draw their peers into the Kingdom eternally.

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