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London, Cambridge

The Europe trip is incredible! We are on a long train ride from Wittenberg to Salzburg at the moment, so I finally have time to upload some photos. Here are some of the better ones from London.


The Tower of London.


I believe that this was Westminster Abbey. We’ve been to dozens of churches, so I’m not exactly sure.


Big Ben is under construction and barely recognizable.


A park in King’s College, Cambridge.


On the Cam River in Cambridge. The town was named after its bridge… over the river Cam.


Trinity College Chapel in Cambridge. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, but this was the coolest place we went in England.


Saw a (not great) performance of As You Like It at the Globe theatre. Not that I’m a huge fan of this play to begin with. Anyways, the Theatre itself was great.


This art installation at St. Paul’s is in memory of those lost during WWI. It’s a white cross, with destroyed city buildings coming off of it.


London Bridge! Which is apparently called the Tower Bridge. Tell that to the poor people in Arizona.


Platform 9 3/4 has a photo-op station at King’s Cross station.


Natural History Museum, a strange baroque-eclectic building.


A photo with my old pal Charles.

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  1. Austino #

    These pics look so cool!!! This looks like such an amazing trip Rossy!!


    May 30, 2018

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