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Plastic Straws

I am on a personal quest to use less plastic straws, seeing as they suck.

Here is my count for each month. Goal is to use less than 12 this year, one per month.

cezanne mountain piece
Paul Cézanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire (1902).

January: 3. Hawkins 1/16, McDonalds 1/7, Jersey Mike’s 1/3

February: 0.

March: 1. Backyard Bar & Grill 3/5 (served drink to me with straw already in it 😡)

April: 1. McDonalds 4/29

May: 1. McDonalds 5/3. I was in a very bad mood (had just come from a funeral) and wanted a milkshake.

June: 0

July: 2. 7/7 Both at some restaurant in Grapevine, Texas where I got some fruity drink and the lady gave me TWO straws. BOTH were decorative 😤

August: 1. 8/10 Panda Express employee handed me one with my drink and then wouldn’t take it back.

September: 0

October: 0

November: 0

December: 0

Running total: 9

Last Updated: 8/11/19

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