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This page hosts my best essays. I plan to include a link to this page on my résumé, rather than directing someone to the main page. The main page is sorted by recency, not quality.


A course term paper analyzing postmodernity and Evangelical theology, broken into three bite-sized, easily digestible pieces:

Evangelicals and Postmoderns Together (Part 1)
Evangelicals and Postmoderns Together (Part 2)
Evangelicals and Postmoderns Together (Part 3)

D.A. Carson’s framework for understanding the relationship between Human Responsibility and Divine Sovereignty, applied to Romans 13:

Understanding Romans 13 without the Hyper-Calvinist Spin

Two International Relations essays from my time as a Beloit College Porter Scholar. The first explains the events of August, 1995 in Srebrenica, Bosnia, and evaluates the applicability of the label “genocide” according to its international definition. The second explores the world of Chinese gun exports and how the practice has changed amidst political and social upheaval in the larger Chinese society in the later half of the twentieth century:

Srebrenica Today

Chinese Export of Small Arms

This biographical essay, also written while a Porter Scholar, summarizes James Legge’s missionary activity to China in the early-to-mid nineteenth century, his significance in translating Chinese works, and the influence of his promotion of Chinese awareness to Western scholarship:

James Legge

Finally, this list-article giving my tips on finding reputable sources and quality analysis in a sea of misinformation:

Politics, and how to get them

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