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Side B Resources

This page hosts my resource collection for LGBTQ Christian topics.

Here are the books I recommend:

Some podcasts:

  • Life on Side B is a podcast dedicated to this topic. The most helpful episodes (that I have listened to so far) are S2E5, S2E8, S1E10, and S2E9, though the whole show is lovely.
  • Vox with Mike Erre has hosted a few great conversations. Check out episodes 168 with Tyler and 191 with Johanna.

Essays and blogs:


  • Matthew Lee Anderson speaking at Revoice 2018 ranks among the best talks on sexuality I have ever heard.
  • Johanna Finegan speaking about Luther’s theologians of the cross/glory at Revoice 2019 is also among the best talks on sexuality I have ever heard.
  • Kevin Slusher applying some ideas from Barth to the debate is exactly the kind of generative theological work we need.
  • Grant Hartley on missiology and contextualization to gay culture.

My posts:

  • Of Me, as Ross” served as my coming out essay in March of 2019.
  • Triage on Faith and Homosexuality” addresses questions of first- second- and third-order issues, and surveys the landscape of the debate.
  • New Thoughts on Romans 1” presents a few exegetical ideas about that passage.
  • Myth, Legend, Dust” recounts some of what happened when I came out last year.
  • Gay for the world” talks about James Davison Hunter’s idea of faithful presence within the world, and applies that to being gay.
  • I tag my gay posts with “Gay? Yeah, gay.” to keep them accessible from the side margin. Go to that tag to read more.

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